Coc base th10

I do frequently test, build and review base layouts for Town Hall 10 and give them here ready for you so you can directly copy them without testing or building them yourself.

I really hate those sites or videos showing you dozens of bases they copied somewhere without making any deeper explanation why they work so for this reason you will only find bases here that I have tested myself.

Top 1000 Base Layouts

Farm: 6. This here is a classical trophy pushing base and if you want to push up to the highest leaves with your TH10 you need such a base — everything in this base is tailored to save you every star and trophy possible and this comes at the cost that you need to expose your storages for two reasons. Farm: 4. Here we have a really nice hybrid base for TH10 that does protect your resources, especially Dark Elixir, as well as your trophies and works pretty well against many attacking styles you see today at Town Hall I really like how it performed against many attacks, especially the trap placement is something I really liked.

Overall a really solid setup to use. Farm: 8. This base here is working great for CWL and Clan War and defends pretty well against attacks like Electro Dragons or Miners with a general layout with tons of dead zones and a very clever trap placement. Attackers will lose a ton of time when they want to to hero charge into the Town Hall section with the storages in front and the middle floorcan mess with troop pathing quite easily so you will give the attacker quite a bad time with this layout for your TH10 base.

Farm: 5. Yes, the Gold and Elixir Storages are quite on the outside but you can farm those resources a lot easier than Dark Elixir, right? The core also has a ton of traps to hopefully take out most troops latest at this point. This is a great trophy base build here for TH10 that I really enjoyed lately with a ton of defenses that worked well with attackers having real big problems funneling their troops into the core section, their troops did travel around and avoided the core a lot and the reason is that they need to build a real wide funnel to get troops into the core.

Farm: 9. In the recent meta, we already saw a switch to centralize the Town Hall more again due to the attacking strategies that get used more and more these days.

The Inferno Tower compartments are stuffed with nice surprises, especially for attackers using mass Hogs or Miners.

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Many attempts will be with a Wall Wrecker trying to go through the Inferno Tower compartment towards the core. This is a real effective way to catch the attacker off guard and make his attacking plans a little more chaotic when the attacker needs to switch plans short-term. When the attacker goes with something like Witch Slap or Bowler setups they can push through that core but then they will be forced to have three section they need to open while defenses from the other sections will continue to deal damage.

This Town Hall 10 Trophy Base is pretty much a classical ring base but the compartments with open rings and the double layer of walls around the core.

Top Town Hall 10 Base Layouts

This puts you in a great spot, because with all the point defenses on the outside you forced the attacker to use an early rage spell in the healers just to see them go down shortly after that. They often will see them turn left or right and miss the Town Hall or barely get the Town Hall with their heroes while the Inferno Towers are mercilessly dealing their damage on the troops. When we talk about air attacks, we talk about LaLoon — the most classical and evergreen air attacking style that some attackers use for years now.

This base counters them with the Air Sweepers that are not on the inside but still do a nice job in defending the core and slowing down the Loons there heavily. I have seen multiple attackers where the Miners simply got shredded before they even got any good percentage or even the Town Hall. What do you think? While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.

Support AllClash on Patreon here. With an x-bow you can choose whether it targets just ground or both ground and air. When an x-bow is set to ground, it has 14 tile range, but cannot hit aerial targets.

When an x-bow is set to ground and air, it has 11 tiles of range, but can hit both ground and aerial troops. Generally, the ground and air x-bow is more helpful, as it is most of the time a better choice because people attack with different armies each time.

The Top 15, Town Hall 10 Bases

You cant change the status of them in the middle of a battle. Hopefully that helped! Love the fact you include links? Its such a hassle otherwise as lazy as that sounds.When it comes to finding the best TH10 war base, you need bases that have been proven to succeed.

Since we are constantly trying out new bases and warring, we update this page every few days so make sure you bookmark us! The base only receives a fail if they are attacked by another TH 10 base and gets 3 starred. Also fended off bowler attacks by the same clan. Fended off a powerful Town Hall 11 attack with max heroes and bowlers multiple times.

Also fended off a Town Hall 11 dragon attack. Summary — Held off an interesting attack from a Town Hall 11 that include a bunch of Valkyries.

coc base th10

Summary — It survived a TH 11 attacked that involved bowlers, witches, and a golem. Join our clan at PenetratingAir for a month and lets put it to the test. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Wondering what success rate means? This is how successful the base has held up against other Town Hall 10s. Lets face it, if a town hall 11 is able to 3 star one of these bases, no big deal. No engineered bases.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Close Menu.TH10 Hybrid Base Links. Maintaining and building both bases at town hall 10 can be hard. Here comes the first base that is dark elixir protected donuts base. You can change your town hall position in base accordingly to the requirement for war and farming. Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I m th8 lv83 player. I m pretty promising in attack and mostly active. Please allow me to join your prestigious clan GamaLand! Related Posts. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 6 comments. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply. Iyappan - 3 years ago I need th 10 trophy base for Titan leageu best def.

Riaan - 3 years ago I am looking for a strong th10 base with 3 xbows but no inferno towers, can you help. Harshul - a couple of years ago I m th8 lv83 player. Isaac - a couple of years ago I need strong townhall 10 war base without inferno…. Saif - a couple of years ago This is so good base. Leave a Reply: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cocbases Android App. More Base Designs are Continuously Added.

Install Now.If our base is not like that, it is going to be very difficult to execute perfect defense each time. They should be used as a bait for other defensive structures.

coc base th10

Here are some important steps to designing an effective for antistar. Here are some of the best all-time base designs for farming, Hybrid, Trophy, Dark Elixir and Elixir protecting bases. The Base is DE protecting the farming base. I really like the spring Trap placements in this base. The Trap is placed 1-tile length between two consecutive defenses.

This placement is ideal for a 2-dimensional troop attack. Another thing that is noteworthy about this base is that the traps are well hidden and disguised.

The opponent is going to have a hard time figuring them out. The Base is anti-Goblin Knife. The Giants, Golems, and Loons are distracted around the base. This creates an opening for the other base defenses such as Canons, X-Bows and Wizard Towers to finish off the trailing army of barbarians, Goblins, and Archers. The Base uses defensive buildings and units in a proper textbook fashion.

The small Bombs are placed 2 tiles away from the main wall to deal with raged Wall breakers. However, Giant Bomb placement is not very good. They should have been spread out throughout the base. So, if you want to try this base in Clash of Clans, make the variations as necessary.

Keep its good points intact and try to improve on its weaker points. This is the best War defense Base for TH, you should definitely try in The enemy has to send a considerable army to have any chance of luring the Troops away from the CC. If a defense building lacks certain capabilities to deal with a specific attack, another building that covers off and makes up for the deficiencies should be placed to protect it.

In this base, we can see that the Archer Towers can only attack one troop at a time. The wizard towers make up for the defensive splash damage.

The Base Counters Valk Attacks as the buildings are widely spread. The X-Bows are located in a separate compartment, that is relatively wider than the other cells.

This setup effectively uses its range from all sides. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In this blog post, we have come up with the best th10 base War, Farming, Hybrid, and Trophy designs We are going to cover 5 designs of each category like war, farming, hybrid and trophy of This a particular pattern of layout where in the defensive structures like wizard towers and archers towers are fixed in their positions in the design accordingly.

The dark elixir storage is placed close to the town hall so before attackers go for town hall he needs to take down the high point dark elixir storage first which takes a considerable amount of time.

In the mean time, the surrounded defensive takes down the enemy troops. If you look at the bottom hand side the first inner compartment is huge make the troops go way around rather than entering into the village. As you are already enjoying with the great collection of town hall 10 map. One more thing is double ring in the center of the layout that makes troops to go over all around the layout except the main area where town hall 10 map is present.

The only thing we look at while designing trophy design are how to protect as many trophy as we can. Well you should remember the sole focus here is to save trophies. Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I incline toward air troops for protection, cause now and then they split hard to harmand in some cases the ruler sets aside some opportunity to murder them.

A few players even spend their stop attempting to stop my infant drags and flunkies. A golem can keep bowlers occupied for quite a while, however the bowler will crush different structures for the most part in the center while killing the golem, since the stone skips 2 times. On the off chance that there are any th10 players pushing through Titan to legend I might truly want to know whether anybody has any guarded wins. In any case, have not seen whatever other and thinking about whether anybody has a hostile to valk and against bowler base plan that has gotten them even 2 or 3 guarded wins.

QUEEN WALK MINERS IS INSANE! - Free To Play TH10 - Clash of Clans

The battle is genuine individuals lol upbeat conflicting to all, and merry Christmas. Be that as it may, I can give max healers. Right now 3 magma 20 nut case 2 healers 3 breakers 1 curve 3 seethe 4 scramble 1 harm, in addition to 2 healers 3 flunkies 1 curve 1 harm in cc. Both ruler lvl Have utilized 4 magma 21 crackpot 3 seethe 4 scramble 1 harm, followers in cc from gifts account or fifth magma if colleagues on the web and toxin.

Wiz towers far from advertisement so not occupied by magma, and looking for bombs by promotion, air bombs by wiz or far from way to advertisement. So very little I can do about it. Awsm game i have played ever in my whole life….

You will see my village my player tag is 9uuoc8r9q name romanraj. How can I submit my base design? Its a th10 And has held up against everything thrown at it so far.

Town Hall 10 Base Anti Everything. Related Posts.

coc base th10

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 16 comments. AlatyrcevOl - 3 years ago what an excellent collection of bases. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply.

Conradlok - 3 years ago On the off chance that there are any th10 players pushing through Titan to legend I might truly want to know whether anybody has any guarded wins.

Thomaslica - 3 years ago —. Raj Biswakarma - a couple of years ago This games I very good. I design bases which will surely win trophy of any th except These layouts are really good at defending various attacks like Valkyries, bowlers and miners.

We have included a YouTube video on town hall 10 attacking strategies at the end of this blog post. So, without further ado, lets get level 10 war base designs right now. First in the list is an excellent layout. This is one of the layout in the list which has unique construction.

Just observe how cleverly this base design is constructed. First of all lets look at how this layout design is compartmentalized. It makes really for ground troops to reach the inner compartment. All defensive buildings are outside the two inner compartments but the attackers assumption will be different they think exactly opposite to it.

The Design Which is included below has clash of clan links which directly copies the base design to your base editor.

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This foundation here works good against Valkyries but also other assaulting compositions with golem. The overall design of these compartments will divide up the troops and down them merciless one until they could even get to the middle. This layout confuses the opponent to attack because this design is one sided, you can see on the bottom right side you can heavy concentration of main defensive buildings that makes it an anti 2 star base link design.

Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I really wish I could get some credit I have been studying th9 and ten bases for the last two years and all of these bases are very easy two-three star bases.

Anti valk not really 25 level 5 valks 2 jump and 3 rage with max queen and king would digest that base very very easy. May I know which clan r u, and if its a good clan may I join? I have a th 10 home made that is good for a war base but I do not wish to show whare traps are u can find me on fight to win we are a level 11 clan my name is talos in the game.

English only.

coc base th10

Related Posts. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 16 comments. Shivam - 3 years ago Can I join ur clan? Leave a reply: Cancel Reply.Miners are probably the most used end-game strategy against Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 bases right now. Is there anything you can do against Miner attacks? Well, to give you the reality… not much. Miners have the ability to move underground and reset all defenses that target them.

A normal attack always works the same way:. The most annoying part of Miner attacks is the reset when they go underground.

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Also, you will often see a Heal Spell active on them, so they will heal up when they move to the next target. Before we take a look at the things we can improve in our base, please take note that many Miner attacks will succeed against your base.

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All you can do is get some Miner attacks to fail, but always remember — a defensive win makes up for multiple lost defenses, and you will also lower the amount of 3 Star attacks against your base. A Miner has between hitpoints at Level 3-Level 4 — all lower-level Miner attacks are not a big threat. The best thing you can do is use packs of double Giant Bombs — in a perfect situation they can deal damage to the Miners and the rest of the hitpoints can be lost fast.

Another good feature is using Spring Traps where Miners walk. You should watch their path carefully during multiple defensive replays to find good spots. I described this technique at the beginning of a recent post about trap placement:. In addition, you should also place your Skeleton Traps ground mode next to the double Giant Bombs, just to keep the Miners busy in the area. You should also implement a kill zone in your base. These buildings will keep the Miners above ground for a longer period and hopefully help kill one or more of them.

A good choice for the Clan Castle troop you use for defense is the Golem. The Golem has two big features against Miners:. Your Inferno Towers should be set to Multi-Target mode and not be directly in the core. You want to force the attacker to use the Grand Warden Eternal Tome as early as possible and many of them tend to do that when their troops get targeted by Inferno Towers. The good thing about these things is that you can feature them in most bases without having a new and dedicated base design.

Here are some nice Anti 3-Star Base Layouts where you can easily adapt these changes:. Again, please remember that you will get 3-Stared by Miners and you will lose more defenses to Miner attacks than you will defend. These bases just have the potential to win against bad attackers or attackers with not that much experience.

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